System requirements

Timing belts drive system for bicycles

The CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM imposes certain requirements on the bicycle that is supposed to be equipped with the belt drive. Either a lock to open and close the bicycle frame (for example on the seatstay or the dropout) or an elevated chain stay are needed to enable belt fitting.

Furthermore – if a manual shift is desired – hub gears must be installed due to the belt’s incompatibility with current chain derailleurs. Precise construction and rigidity of the bicycle frame ensure accurate adherence to positional and alignment tolerances.

Belt Sprocket Alignment

The meticulously even alignment of the sprockets is an important precondition for straight belt running and a long service life of the CONTI® DRIVE SYSTEM. Excessive deviations in the sprocket alignment may result in the belt drifting towards a flange. This can cause noise and increased belt abrasion. Therefore, any out-of-parallel deviation of the sprockets should not exceed 3 mm.

Likewise, any out-of-true angle must not be greater than 0.5°. It has to be ensured that the center distance between the sprockets on the bicycle frame cannot change while the drive is used. In this way tooth jumping of the belt over sprocket teeth caused by reduced belt tension can be avoided.

Any out-of-parallel deviation max. 3 mm Any out-of-parallel deviation and Any out-of-true angle Any out-of-true angle max. 0.5°
Timing Belts Drive System for Bicycles